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Sponsored Residential Services

Our Sponsored Residential program offers individuals developmental disabilities to live with a family in the local community. As an alternative to group homes, individuals can thrive living with one of our Family Care Providers.

Family Care Providers (FCP) are licensed by VFS providing up to 2 individuals support with daily living needs. FCPs are fully trained to provide individuals support & training in personal care, daily living skills, and medication management. VFS provides their Family Care Providers extensive training to prepare them for varying needs of care.

How to become a Family Care Provider

If you are interested in becoming a Family Care Provider these are our 6 step process.

  • 1. Contact Visions Family Services office for anyone who is interested in learning more about becoming a Family Care Provider. Our management team will assist you with additional information and resources, and help you get started.

  • 2. Submit an application. You will be provided with an application packet at requesting basic information about you and other members of your household. VFS requires personal references as well as permission to complete background checks on everyone in your household over the age of 18. Completed applications can be submitted VFS office.

  • 3. Complete background checks. Once a completed application is submitted, You will be provided instructions on completing background checks for everyone in your home over the age of 18. All applicants are screened according to federal regulations, including DMV checks, criminal checks, Child Protective Services (CPS) and Adult Protective Services (APS) checks, an assessment of financial resources, and references.

  • 4. Home Review. Someone from our management team will visit your home to ensure it has adequate space and accessibility to meet the needs of the individuals we serve. The home review is to ensure that your home meets the requirements of Altruistic Life Services and DBHDS. Once Altruistic Life Services approves your home, a request will be made to DBHDS Office of Licensing for a License Specialist to come out and review your home for final approval.

  • 5. Complete training courses. VFS offers extensive training to prepare care providers to assist individuals requiring different levels of care, including personal care, physical assistance, learning life skills, and 24-hour supervision. Our sponsored home providers must complete all trainings required by DBHDS, including workbook orientation, CPR and first aid, and medication management.

  • 6. Receive approval to provide services. After you’ve completed your home review, trainings, you will receive approval from Visions Family Services and state licensing from DBHDS to provide care as a VFS Family Care Provider. VFS will work to make the best possible match for you and the individuals we serve. We cant guarantee when an individual will be placed as many factors are involved when it comes to matching.