Intensive In-Home Services

Visions Family Services operates with the philosophy that a child’s home environment provides them the best platform to thrive and develop into successful adults. Our Intensive In-home therapy is delivered by conscientious counselors who maintain in-home treatment is the very best practice for troubled youth. This belief is supported by the benefits to child, family and community produced by Intensive In-home Services.

Our qualified professionals offer in-home support to children with mental health and/or intellectual disabilities. Our Intensive-in-home program is designed to offer mental health support within the home environment to assist in developing productive citizens within the community.

We accomplish this by:

It is these things combined with a multitude of other professionally applied strategies which make the intensive in-home services we deliver ideal for children in our communities needing a guiding light.

Give Visions Family Services a call if you need to schedule an assessment, recommend a child, need more information or simply want to discuss your options (804) 732-4281. We are a part of your community…making you a part of our home.