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Our mission here at Visions Family Services is simple. We want to help people with intellectual and mental disabilities achieve a life of opportunity, independence and freedom.

For 12 years, since opening our doors in 2003, we have gone about the business of uplifting our community by shining a light into the darkness and lending a guiding hand to make a difference in people’s lives.

Vision…Family…and Service are the heartbeat of this guiding principle.

You don’t grow, develop and mature in a field where success is measured by the lives you help to become whole without continuously providing the vision of an uplifted community daring to be different.

This is why every qualified individual in need that crosses our threshold is given the benefit of our vast collected experience.

Simply put, VFS provides a family that cares. Guiding those coping with the turbulent current of mental challenges away from the crashing waves and settles them into the serenity of home.

A healthy home where family teaches the skills needed to achieve over-all independence along with the skills to allow eventual integration into the community.

Visions Family Services produces a dynamic which provides the service where seeds planted and nourished by our family structured environment bare the fruit of rehabilitation and empowerment. Such is our responsibility and philosophy…as well as our duty in being part of the solution.

It is the dedication to our internal core values that allows VFS to “demonstrate evidence of success in recovery and independence for individuals receiving community services and support”.

Core Values

Our operations are governed by these core values as we practice and deliver:

  • Excellent Customer Service that goes beyond servicing individuals and their families. But reaches out and addresses the concerns, needs and interests of the industry professionals who also enrich their lives dedicated providers who assist in creating partnerships which develop and maintain wrap-around services

  • Excellent Communication in honoring our dedication to uplifting our community by sharing our mission with other dedicated providers who assist in creating partnerships which develop and maintain wrap-around services

  • Excellent Teamwork allowing us to function as a cohesive unit diligently working within the framework of our services to ensure a continuity of best practice which leads to successful outcomes

  • Accountability rooted in being responsible for any action taken that affects the individuals we serve. While identifying teachable moments through taking ownership of and being fully aware of consequences, along with the knowledge that we owe it to our community to be open in our problem solving practices

  • Professionalism developed through excellence coupled with compassion in carrying out our mission with the utmost integrity by simply doing what we promise to do. This is the head, heart and hand internal attitude at Visions Family Services which manifests externally in exceptional best service practices

Visions Family Services offers the support and guidance to make a difference in the lives of our service recipients. Let us make a difference in yours.

For more information about our company, the services we offer and how we can be a benefit to you, your client or loved one call us at 804-732-4281. A life of opportunity, independence and freedom awaits.